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Are you looking for the right Tree Service in Litchfield County, CT?  If you're looking for the an inexpensive Tree Removal in Litchfield County, Connecticut then look no further!  Litchfield County Tree Service is owned and operated by a local Tree Removal Business serving Litchfield County, CT.

We handle everything from maintenance to removal. Our well experienced and trained tree experts help homeowners with any tree related project week in and week out.

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Litchfield County Tree Service's Background in the Industry

Words from the Owner:

As a young student aging in the Tree Industry which was very distinct than growing up in comparison my friends.  While my friends were doing their best to beat the game in front of their computers - I was outside trying to find the next branch I could climb.

I was built for tree climbing, and will be forever a part of me. Instead of the usual toy I got a toy chainsaw.  After school instead of hanging with my friends at the arcade, I rode my bike over to the tree removal project site.  Needless to say - my well trained tree experts at Litchfield County Tree Service has a wealth of experience in the industry.

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    Professional Tree Services in Litchfield County, Connecticut.

    Our complete list of tree services are aimed at providing all of the tree care and tree management services that you require. We are a tree doctor and a tree expert that can assist you actually care for your trees and ensure that keep growing and are well maintained. This includes offering services like tree removal and maintenance. When it comes to any tree project, we provide a variety of services consisting of tree removal, stump grinding, relocation, hauling, and land cleaning. With the specified goal of being both an affordable and experienced tree service, you can count on us to get the best results for your next tree project.

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    Tree Trimming

    Trimming is something that your trees would need to stay healthy on a regular basis. If ignored, pests and diseases can easily take place themselves in the branches, and cutting any rotten or dying branch can assist to stop them from spreading to the entire tree. Cutting also helps with correct aeration which ultimately helps the trees to get more light. Regular tree cutting also assists with tree maintenance, as it can help minimize risk from any potential damage that might occur in the future. Our tree trimming service is the easiest and most effective way to give your trees this the best care and management. Learn more.

    Tree Removal

    Tree relocation or otherwise tree removal is what we specialize in. Removing trees from any property can be a very effective method to reduce the risk trees may pose on your property, especially if they are growing too close to any surrounding structure on your property. Not only does getting rid of trees a good way to reduce the risk of damage, but it can also help to give you more space on your property which can be used in other ways. With a very affordable tree removal cost, you can better deal with your residential or commercial property with the help of our knowledgeable and experienced group of tree service experts. Learn more.

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    Stump Removal

    After we're done removing the tree, the job wont be complete unless we remove the stump. With our services, you can be sure that we won't leave anything behind once we're done. Litchfield County Tree Service helps residents get rid of their annoying stumps once and for all. Homeowners will be able mow their lawn in peace without having to worry about going around the stump with one quick call to your local tree stump removal specialists in Litchfield County, Connecticut!  Click Here for More.

    Stump Grinding

    A stump grinder is the best tool to easily get rid of any stump on your property. It's created to effectively remove any stump, and leave you with a clear lawn which will give you more space to do more things on your property. Our stump grinding service is easy and effective method to make sure that any tree relocation job is taken care of completely and you aren't left with a stump that's still in the way which should help increase your curb appeal of your property. More Information.

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    Storm Clean Up

    After any extreme weather condition such as a hurricane or a storm, cleaning up your property is the next step. Our storm clean up services are the best way to get rid of any trees that have fallen or are otherwise could pose a potential risk on your residential or commercial property. Click Here for More Information.

    Land Clearing

    This can be something that's tough to do if you have any thick brush, vegetation and trees growing on your property. Our land clearing service is a reliable and fast way to clear away any unwanted trees, brush and related vegetation from your home, so that you can utilize your land in the way that you desire. Learn more.

    “They did an amazing job trimming our trees, it’s clear they’re seriously experienced.” Sam. L

    “Their tree removal service is a great and affordable way to get any trees removed.” Robert. S

    “They really helped us to quickly clean up and organise our property after a storm. They were brilliant.” Danni. D

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is your question not answered?  We have more information in our Homeowner Resources section that is sure to answer any question you have about trees!

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    We aim to provide the best tree service in Litchfield County while keeping our prices very affordable. With a wide variety of cost effective services, there's no other tree business in the local area to take care of the tree work around your residential or commercial property.

    Our complete selection of tree services are the best at providing all of the tree removal and tree maintenance services that you might require for your next project. We are a tree physician and a tree specialist that can aid you in looking after your trees and ensure that they grow the right way while looking great. Our tree cutting service is the most efficient and effective way to give your trees the care and management that it needs.

    We are the tree service in Litchfield County that strives to supply the best variety of affordable tree services. Unlike any other business in the local area, our variety of affordable services, we are the best tree company to take care of all your tree projects around your residential or commercial property.

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